Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.

Neville Brody (English graphic designer, typographer and art director)
About me

Who is Frits Franken?

My name is Frits Franken and I was born in 1976 during a hot summer in Roosendaal, Brabant. This is where I spent my childhood and found my place in the world. I have a loving partner who works in healthcare and a fantastic son who is in elementary school. In my free time, I love photography and share my favorite photos on Instagram. I am also an enthusiastic gamer and use gaming as a way to escape the hectic reality. On weekends, I enjoy a special beer or two. I am a big fan of public transportation and have been traveling by train for years. I like to think before I speak and sometimes keep my mouth shut when I'm unsure.

  • Likes to eat sausage rolls
  • Plays to win, but doesn't mind losing
  • 'Man on Fire' is my favorite movie
  • Good music is a must, from Placebo to Stef Bos
  • Can easily eat two pizzas in a row
  • Regularly goes for a run (Strava)
  • Has completed 6 marathons (pb 03:08:08)
  • (Almost) always wins at Trivial Persuit
  • F1 enthusiast, since the death of Ayrton Senna in 1994

Since obtaining my diploma from the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam in 1998, I have been wholeheartedly dedicated to the profession of graphic designer. I spend a lot of time collecting impressions, analyzing and reading, with the aim of continuously growing and improving in my challenging field. Over the years, the graphic profession has changed, and so has my interest. From using pencils to computer usage and from QuarkXpress to InDesign. It is difficult to predict how I will be involved in the profession of graphic designer in ten years, but one thing is certain: I will always be engaged in it.

After more than twenty years of experience as an employed graphic designer, I decided in 2021 to take my future into my own hands and try my luck as a self-employed entrepreneur.



With my many years of experience, I have successfully completed thousands of assignments to full satisfaction.


years of experience

Since leaving the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, I have been working on graphic design every day.


Happy customers

Customers find me because I always do what I promise and go the extra mile.

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